A Happy, Healthy Relationship is closer than you think

Let Cindy guide you through the difficulties that arise in relationships, and bring out the best in you and your partner. 

Couples Therapy in Southern Ontario

You and your partner may be struggling with issues around communication, insecurity, anger, finances, family, resentment. There’s a better way to deal with these challenges for you and your partner.

For over 35+ years Cindy Chisvin has been working alongside a wide variety of couples from Durham, Thornhill, York Region, across the GTA and beyond. Helping you to feel understood, addressing communication challenges, and helping you find the strength to build the relationship you both want.

Cindy Chisvin

Couple reaching an understanding through therapy


I am able to truly empathize with what you and your partner are going through in your relationship. My goal is to show you that you aren’t alone, that someone is there to help you navigate through your situation.

Couple puts the pieces together through patience and understanding


I completely understand how hard it can be to work through complex challenges. I’m experienced at diffusing high-conflict situations, and keeping conversations productive. 


I’m passionate about the work I do, and am committed to helping you work through difficulties. I’m here to collaborate with you to reach the best possible outcome for your relationship.  

The Couples Counselling Process

Reach out over phone or email to contact Cindy

#1. Reach Out

The first step is to reach out to Cindy and book an appointment for you and your partner. Spend some time on the site learning about her and her process, and when ready, fill out the contact form with you and your partners details or call directly to get started.  

Couple begins the consultation process

#2. Consultation

The initial consultation will allow you to talk more about your situation and goals, and see if Cindy is a good fit to help you both reach them. This initial consultation will also include a full breakdown of the counseling process, and how it fits into the context of your life and relationship. 

#3. Couples Counselling

We start the process by dealing with the most immediate issues coming up in your day to day life. By helping you identify and working through issues of communication. Cindy is able to work through that process with you, and help practice re-framing these situations and using straightforward communication to solve them.

#4. Reach a Desired Outcome

Meetings with Cindy will help give you a better understanding of the issues affecting your relationship, and present you with actual communication strategies you can apply right away to start improving. By addressing these issues and working to solve them, you and your partner are able to begin the process towards healing, and start living your best life possible.