Resolving your family dispute using a solution-focused approach

Let Cindy help you through the collaborative family process, and find a positive outcome that preserves the integrity of the family.

A Better Way To Reach a Solution With Your Partner

When most people think of divorce, they think of difficult court battles that go on for long stretches of time. A lengthy court trial can cost time, money, energy, and most importantly emotionally strain you and your children.

There’s a better solution to this problem.

Collaborative family practice offers an alternative to the court process, for spouses looking for a cost-effective and respectful way to reach an out of court solution. Let Cindy guide you through the process and personalize it to your unique situation. She prioritizes finding solutions for the relationship, as well as helping to decide on equitable parenting agreements for your children. 

Cindy Chisvin

Couple reaching an understanding through therapy


I truly empathize with what you, your children, and your partner are going through. My goal is to show you that you are not alone, and helping you navigate your situation.

Couple puts the pieces together through patience and understanding


I know how hard it can be to work through this difficult time in your life. I’m experienced at diffusing high conflict situations, and keeping conversations productive.


I’m passionate about the work I do. I’m here to collaborate with you and your family to develop parenting plans, and agreements that are best for everyone involved.

The Collaborative Family Process

Reach out over phone or email to contact Cindy

#1. Reach Out

The first step is to reach out to Cindy and book an appointment. Spend some time on this site learning about her and her process, and when ready, fill out the contact form with your details to get started.

Couple begins the consultation process

#2. Consultation

The initial consultation will allow us to talk more about your situation and goals, and see if Cindy is a good fit to help you reach them. This initial consultation will also include a full breakdown of the collaborative process, what members are required, and how it fits into the context of your situation and life. 

#3. The Family Collaboration Process

Once your collaboratively trained lawyers, financial advisors, and family counselors have been assembled the process begins. Both spouses then sit down and start sharing their primary goals for the collaborative process. Issues are identified, highlighted, and analyzed. The team helps to determine how best to have a discussion around the issues, and work towards an efficient resolution for each one. These issues are handled in a respectful atmosphere.

#4. Reach a Desired Outcome

This process ends with creating a spousal agreement on how to proceed, that reflects the goals and needs of both parties. Additionally, preparing and drafting a parenting plan if needed, that addresses the best interest of your children. A better solution is reached that allows you to set yourself up for a better future with your family.