In counselling, the therapist listens to the client and actively reflects back. Therapist and client engage in meaningful dialogue intended to define issues and create a plan of action.

The focus is on the present and future.

Clients are educated and facilitated in taking control of significant changes in their lives.

Therapy can help if you are suffering from significant life stress, encountering difficulties in your relationships, are experiencing emotional upheaval, struggling with challenging decisions, or unable to leave a relationship that is hurtful, destructive or unfulfilling.

You will be assisted with developing healthy self-esteeem, understanding inner conflicts, finding satisfaction in personal and work relationships, and learn to cope with anger and anxiety.

  • Individuals

    One-on-one talk therapy

    Relationship counselling

  • Couples

    Premarital counselling

    Couples therapy

    Divorce and separation counselling

  • Families

    Effective parenting strategies

    Self esteem issues

    Setting limits and goals

    Encouraging independence and teaching responsibility

    Problems at school

    Adolescents at risk

    Support groups